Each of the links below displays a basic sound, word, sentence, story or song title in Kiowa and/or English. When you click on a link, a short video of Grandma Dorothy will play. As she speaks, the Kiowa language transcription and the English translation will appear on screen. The words in both languages will be color-coded so viewers can see how the individual words translate by matching the colors.

AW YAH HODLE DAW. Fringe buckskin (name for the buckskin dress).

KHOOT. Book (school)

KXAW. Knife.

KXOE KXOIYE OH PADLE. Elk whiskers (name of dancer’s roach).


NAY KAW TSAHN GYIYE. My leggings fell down.

PAW ZOHN KXODLE PAHN. Baby buffalo teeth neck tie.

SATE BO HONE. Bear hat.

TSAHDLE PAHN. Pouch belt (worn with buckskin dress).