Each of the links below displays a basic sound, word, sentence, story or song title in Kiowa and/or English. When you click on a link, a short video of Grandma Dorothy will play. As she speaks, the Kiowa language transcription and the English translation will appear on screen. The words in both languages will be color-coded so viewers can see how the individual words translate by matching the colors.

AH AHN DAW. His footprints.
AH TDOHN TSOTE. He likes to brag.
AH YAW GOOT TAH KXAW. That’s his second wife.
AHDLE KOIYE DAW. That person is crazy.
AHDLE KOIYE OHN. (That person is mischievous_funny_likes to joke).
AHN DAW MAW GAW. She or He can sing good.
AIM KHOE BAH. Go! (to one person).
AIM PBOHN THAH GYAH. You are good looking.
AIM TDOE AH GOO. Those people are playing hand game.
BAH KHOE BAH. Let’s go! (to one or more).
BAY GOO TDAY TDAW. Take care of yourself.
BAY KHOE SAW. Go ahead and sit down.
DAW TDAY AIM THOIYE. You really did it!
HAIN TDAW MAH. Storyteller woman.
HAUN DAY HAHP P’AY. She or He is cute.
HAUN DAY HANE MAY. That person is beautiful.
HAUN DAY KHAW ON, She or He is poor (or weary).
HAW AIM DAW KYAH BAHN MAH. Are you going to church (one person).
HAW AIM GOO DAW BAHN MAW. Are you going to the forty nine?
HAW KAHDLE SAYN OHN GYAH BAHT DOE. Do you have any Indian perfume?
HA YAH AIM BAHN MAH. Where are you going (to one person)?
KAW ON DAW. Poor people.
KOIYE GOO BAH HIYE YIYE DAW. We Kiowas are really fussy.
KOIYE GOO HAHN DAW THAW MAUN KAW MAW. Kiowas were always the example.
KXOLE AH KYIYE GAW SAYN AH PIYE GAW BAY TAME DAY. Stretch your neck and tie your snot and get going.
MAW TAME MAH, EIN GAW AHN GYAH. Teacher Woman, she’s sitting here.
MAH YEE HOHDLE DAW. The woman is sick.
MAHYEE AHN HOE AH SAHDLE. Woman has rouge on her cheeks.
MAHYEE AHN THAW DAPE. Woman is nice.
MAHYEE HAUN DAY HEE THAY. The woman is pretty.
MAUN TDAY AH BAH. I guess they all went.
OH MOIYE KAW ON. That person is kind (helpful, humble).
YAHN BAH AH SAYN. You are stingy.
YAHN SAW KOHDLE DAW. You made a mistake.