Each of the links below displays a basic sound, word, sentence, story or song title in Kiowa and/or English. When you click on a link, a short video of Grandma Dorothy will play. As she speaks, the Kiowa language transcription and the English translation will appear on screen. The words in both languages will be color-coded so viewers can see how the individual words translate by matching the colors.

Dorothy Introduces Herself and Kiowa Songs

Black Leggings Song

Consideration Song

Feather Song

Frost Song Medley – Three Songs

Ghost Dance Song #1

Ghost Dance Song #3

Ghost  Dance Song #4

Ghost Dance Song #5

Ghost Dance Song #11

Ghost Dance Song #22

Ghost Dance Song – Creator, and we are praying to you

Heartbreak Song

Honoring Song

Journey Song

Lullaby Song – Little Bunny Rabbit

Lullaby Song – Frog Song

Prairie Dog Song

Resistance Song (O HO MA War Dance Song)


Thanksgiving Song

Victory Song

ZIE DAY TAHLEE Split Half Divided Boy Song